How important is your happiness?

Learn how to make your home your very own happy place

We spend 90% of our lives indoors. That is quite a stat when you stop to think about how important that makes our interior spaces. I’ve been practicing interior design for over 25 years and feel so blessed to work with colour, pattern and design, so you could say I've found my happy place! The interior design world is wonderfully rich and diverse but when it comes to designing the rooms in your own home it can quickly become overwhelming and the fun stops there. There are so many choices to make and the time and money invested in fixing up a home is immense. But the importance in getting our interior spaces 'just right' for you couldn’t be more important. And I maintain it can absolutely be a fun, creative and empowering experience. You just a little know how, and that's where I come in!
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What you will discover

On how to create an individual, authentic and harmonius home

  • Colour Psychology helps you understand your own personal colour preferences and their effect on your happiness and wellbeing.

  • How to harmonise colour palettes so you can create colour schemes with ease that will connect and flow throughout your house

  • To have absolute clarity about your own personal sense of style and palette so you can design and shop more confidently

  • Feel encouraged to make braver design choices with the confidence that you won’t tire of them.

  • Design rooms that don’t just look pleasing but feel great to be in by understanding how colour and design effects the activity or mood you wish to create.

  • Understand the relationship between colour, texture, pattern and style and how they all combine to create a harmonious scheme

  • How to make your house truly feel like a home.

The science bit

A recent study, GoodHome Report (scientifically carried out by the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen), found that happiness in the home is only second to our mental health in terms of our sense of well being. It's more important to us than our physical health, our jobs and even how much money we have in the bank. So learning how to create a home that not only looks stylish but also really lifts us emotionally is, I know you’ll agree, absolutely crucial!


It wasn’t until I discovered the Wright Theory, which set out to understand the real affects of colour on our psychology, that my own interior design practice was deeply transformed. The study proved how we each individually respond to colour, hue, texture and style in very different ways, which all effect how we feel emotionally in a space.  It made me realise that there is so much more to interior design than how a room looks, it's actually more about how a room makes us feel. While the trends are there to inspire fresh ideas, I maintain they are not to be followed, as the way we decorate our homes is a much more personal expression.The design of your home is deeply personal and should reflect your authentic sense of style and love of colour. This is the way to unlock home happiness, a home that really supports you emotionally. While my personal love of colour is very bright and chromatic I'm dedicated to helping you find your own personal palette. There are no copy-cat interiors here! I'm so excited to share my tried and tested process for unlocking that secret as when you implement it, it's truly game-changingat helping you create a home you truly love. 

A home that feels as good as it looks

If you're still reading, it's because you are truly passionate about interior design and want to learn more about how you can successfully design a home you love. You want to feel proud of what you have created and feel confident that your designs will stand the test of time. If you worry about choosing the right colours and confused on how to put them together, or are concerned about making expensive mistakes then this course will give you all the tools and the confidence to make the right choices for you. Every time!

Join my Colour loving tribe

I've been hosting my Colour workshops to help people discover the power of colour and how to implement it in interior schemes for the past six years and I'm delighted to bring you my design knowledge and colour expertise to you via this online platform. You can complete the course in your laptop or on the go on a smart phone or tablet. I've made it available to complete in your own time with no pressure, and you can partake anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to the internet! You can stop and start as suits you and even re-take the lessons again and again as access to the course content is for life! As part of enrolling in this course you will also be able to access my private facebook group for more colour inspiration and ideas within a wonderful design community.

Course curriculum

A rich learning experience including videos, slide presentations and downloads

  • 1


    • welcome from Sophie

    • Getting the most from the course

    • Discover your love of colour

    • Assignment: Noticing colour

  • 2

    The psychology of colour

    • What is colour psychology and why is it so useful?

    • How colour affects our psychology

    • The Spring personality

    • The Summer personality

    • The Autumn personality

    • The Winter personality

    • Quiz your knowledge

    • Assignment: Capture the seasons

  • 3

    Your seasonal personality

    • Discover your true self

    • Your seasonal personality quiz

    • Your colour personality

    • Assignment: Capture your personality

  • 4

    Feel good interiors

    • How colour psychology works for interiors

    • Spring interiors

    • Summer interiors

    • Autumn Interiors

    • Winter Interiors

    • Four seasons not four looks

    • Discover how you want your home to feel

    • Assignment: Guided meditation

    • Assignment: Create a vision board of your dream home

  • 5

    Your harmonious palette

    • The foundations of a harmonious palette

    • The joyful palette

    • The graceful palette

    • The grounded palette

    • The striking palette

    • Your four harmonious palettes crib sheet

    • Playing with palettes

    • Assignment: Create your harmonious palette

    • Blending palettes to create the right feel in your room

    • The other half

    • My house tour- what my home says about me

  • 6

    The design process

    • Designing a room that feels as good as it looks.

    • How colour affects our feelings

    • The Design Process

    • Compiling your scheme - your design road map

    • Assignment: Create your scheme

  • 7

    On the road to home happiness

    • Be brave, embrace the true you!

    • Recommended resources

    • Tell me what you think


  • I've no training in interior design, is this the course for me?

    This course has been written to appeal to everyone, from complete newbies all the way through to practicing professionals. And if you are a student of interior design this will give you an edge and a head start in your new career!

  • I don't own my own home/ have an interior design project on the go at the moment- will the course still be relevant?

    Absolutely! The beauty of this course is all the course work is done online and in your sketchbook. You can also begin to implement to ideas you learn in your rented pad or present home, without spending any money. It's all about self discovery and learning to see your home with fresh eyes.

  • If I sign up and decide the course is not for me can I get my money back?

    I really want you to be happy with this course, and I've no doubt you will be! However we offer a 7 day money back guarantee from date of purchase.

  • Will you be availble to answer my questions?

    This is a self led course and I've worked really hard to make it the best it can be so you'll learn all the tools to answer your own questions! I'm not on hand to answer your live questions but we have a thriving private facebook group, only accessible to people who have purchased my courses, which is a great place to connect and get feedback. If you have any technical problems with the course we are of course on hand to help.

  • What do I need to complete the course?

    While this is mostly an online experience, you will need a sketch book and printer to carry out the mood board assignments. In terms of technology, all you need is a phone or camera to take pictures and a device to use Pinterest and Instagram (like your computer, tablet or smart phone). Thinkific is constantly updating in order to improve the platform so in addition to having the latest web browser, there are a few other requirements that will help ensure you experience Thinkific smoothly. Make sure your desktop/device has the the following; Javascript enabled, PDF plugin, Graphic and audio output capability, Broadband internet connection with ideally a minimum speed of 5Mbps and TLS 1.2 supported by your web browser. Thinkific currently supports the last two versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge on your desk top and iOS Safari: 11 and up, Chrome and Samsung Internet on mobile devises.

  • Can I share my log in so my friend can enjoy the course?

    Thank you for asking, but please No! When you enroll you get access for one user. I’d be absolutely thrilled if you wanted to recommend the course to your friends, but they would need to pay for their own enrolment. The way I make this course so affordable for everyone is by having multiple signups, so please respect that, and while we are here I'd really appreciate that you don't publicly share or publish any of the content. That would be an infringement of copyright. However sharing what you have accomplished during the course is actively encouraged! I can't wait to see those room reveals!

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