My colour loving story

Embracing the joy of decorating

My bold and brave interiors are sought after the world over and people tell me it's because they are drawn to the uplifting and joyful feeling my schemes create. That combination of bold contrasting colour, the way I use pattern, my eclectic styling and the fact that, even with a lot going on, everything hangs together, makes for a really impactful scheme that can’t help but give you that wow factor. Most people I meet would love to make bolder colour choices in their home but don't always have the knowledge or the courage to get stuck in and do it. Feelings around fear of getting it wrong, wasting valuable time and money or pleasing the other half all get in the way of their ability to truly embrace colour and creativity. Well that’s where I come in. By understanding the design principles, interior hacks and colour know-how I use to create my own signature schemes you too can go on to create bolder, braver and more beautiful schemes in your own home.

Get colour confident

Create the home you dare to own

"Over the years I’ve honed my own personal style and love of colour and the result is a home where I feel in control of my life. My home is a true reflection of who I am, that embraces my love of bold colour and courageous design choices. I literally get a dose of the feel good vibes as soon as I walk through the door." 

What we will cover

The pathway to bold and brave interiors is fun, creative and all about being audacious. Ready to unleash your inner decorating diva?

  • Understand the fundamentals to creating my colourful signature look.

  • Learn what it takes to make a beautiful, colourful, and creative scheme appear harmonious rather than one hot mess.

  • Style like a pro, and learn how statement floors, fabulous window treatments, gallery walls, and signature pieces and a generous maximalist spirit can inject some serious personality into your space.

  • Discover how to source the look, how I shop, how I curate and how I keep it nifty and thrifty to boot.

  • Understand why neutral schemes are the hardest to get right and when the budget is tight, colour is your best alley

  • Dicover the secret to getting the other half on board with your brave and bold intentions


Be your own interior designer

Sophia Fish

Thanks Sophie for putting this all together!! I’m grateful that there was no rush.. just completed all the content and looking forward to sharing with you what I can produce from it.. very soon!! And I love that this course is all mine to keep with no expire date. You are able to just give that nudge of confidence to embrace our creative side... in a methodical way! I really enjoyed the course xxx

Pricing options

The online course content goes live on the 8th October 2020. Pre-sale discount offer open until the 7th October. Sales close 22nd October. Access to the content is for life.

Pre-launch discount offer

Grab your place on the course for the pre-launch price of £125. Class opens 8th October

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  • I've no training in interior design, is this the course for me?

    This course has been written to appeal to everyone, from complete newbies all the way through to practicing professionals. And if you are a student of interior design this will give you an edge and a head start in your new career!

  • I don't own my own home/ have an interior design project on the go at the moment- will the course still be relevant?

    Absolutely! The beauty of this course is all the course work is done online and in your sketchbook. You can also begin to implement to ideas you learn in your rented pad or present home, without spending any money. It's all about self discovery and learning to see your home with fresh eyes.

  • If I sign up and decide the course is not for me can I get my money back?

    I really want you to be happy with this course, and I've no doubt you will be! However we offer a 7 day money back guarantee from date of purchase/ course launch date.

  • What do I need to complete the course?

    While this is mostly an online experience, you will need a sketch book and printer to carry out the mood board assignments. In terms of technology, all you need is a phone or camera to take pictures and a device to use Pinterest and Instagram (like your computer, tablet or smart phone). Thinkific is constantly updating in order to improve the platform so in addition to having the latest web browser, there are a few other requirements that will help ensure you experience Thinkific smoothly. Make sure your desktop/device has the the following; Javascript enabled, PDF plugin, Graphic and audio output capability, Broadband internet connection with ideally a minimum speed of 5Mbps and TLS 1.2 supported by your web browser.

  • Can I share my log in so my friend can enjoy the course?

    Thank you for asking, but please No! When you enroll you get access for one user. I’d be absolutely thrilled if you wanted to recommend the course to your friends, but they would need to pay for their own enrolment. The way I make this course so affordable for everyone is by having multiple signups, so please respect that, and while we are here I'd really appreciate that you don't publicly share or publish any of the content. That would be an infringement of copyright. However sharing what you have accomplished during the course is actively encouraged! I can't wait to see those room reveals!

  • Will you be on hand to answer my questions?

    The short answer is no! This is a self led course which has the benefit that you can complete it in your own time and repeat the classes as often as you wish. I've worked hard to make sure the course is as comprehensive as possible so you shouldn't get stuck. However enrollment does include membership to my private Facebook group where I do regular Q&A lives and are on hand to answer any questions you might post. But the best part is being part of my colour loving community and all the support that offers.

Join me to create beautiful, bold interiors

Class opens 8th October 2020

Pre-launch discount available until the 7th October. Sales close 22nd October. Access to the course content is for life.