I passionately believe that everyone has the power to design a home they love and can be proud of, and in this course, I’ll show you how.

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Increasingly more and more of us want our home to look fabulous, serve as a creative outlet and ultimately provide us with a better space to live in. So imagine having the know-how to design any room in your home, with the confidence that it’s going to look great, reflect your personal tastes and work on a practical level too. This empowering and creative interior design course is the perfect introduction to design, suited to homeowners, renters and design enthusiasts, helping you to design knock out room schemes with ease.

In this course, I share my process that I’ve honed over twenty years as an interior designer, and which I use to produce room schemes again and again. The framework I share with you takes away the feeling of overwhelm and helps you focus on making considered design decisions every step of the way.  And the good news is you don’t need any expensive computer software or equipment to achieve any of it.


Whilst this course is online I personally take you through each stage of the process step by step.


All successful designers know that in order to create our best work we have to keep our inspiration bank account well topped up. Feeling inspired and unleashing your creativity is the first step to success so we begin at looking at how we get inspired and ways to document it so you have fresh design inspiration on tap.


Having a tight brief and a clear vision for your room is the foundation of a successful scheme. This all needs fleshing out before you even think of flexing that credit card if you are going to keep your project on track. I share how I use Pinterest powerfully as a design tool as well as my techniques for mood boarding, measured drawings and sample boards as part of the visualisation process.


With the groundwork complete, you have a clear tried and tested vision of your scheme, a room plan, and will have ticked off all the practical considerations. You can now order and specify with confidence, knowing it will all look great, come in on budget and fit the space!


At the start of designing a room, whether it’s a new move, a complete renovation, an extension or simply time for a refresh, we often begin with a burst of excitement and adrenalin only to find the enthusiasm soon gives way to desperation. There are just so many choices to make, so much money at stake and so much fear around feeling judged and getting it wrong. It breaks my heart that the knee jerk reaction is often to just play it safe and go neutral. Grab that ‘safe bet’ Farrow and Ball paint chart – pick a classic grey and worry about the rest later. Plumb for the white kitchen – it goes with everything right? The whole design process then soon gets clunky as you struggle to work out what actually does go with white or grey, and do you even actually like it anyway. Over my career as a magazine journalist and more recently through my Instagram account I hear the same roadblocks stopping people again and again, so rest assured you are not alone!

What colours go with grey walls? What wall paint goes with a red sofa? Patterned or plain curtains? Corner sofa or three-piece suite? My answer is the same for all of these questions. You need to go back to the beginning and work through the creative design process step by step.


Interior design is hard to get right, which is why we have a body of highly trained professionals. However not everyone can spare the expense and indeed some people want to design their homes themselves, seeing it as a wonderful opportunity to express themselves creatively. While there are plenty of online courses helping people become professional interior designers, not everyone needs that level of expertise to make it work in their own home. And neither do you need to make that amount of time or financial investment. I’ve broken down the design process into a really simple, easy to follow process that will enable you to design and decorate your own home with ease. And I keep it fun and creative at all times too.


I love an analogy. Let’s compare designing a room to cooking a delicious meal. Now my mum can just open my fridge, grab a seemingly random pile of ingredients and rustle up something mouthwatering and delicious with ease. It has me gawping in awe, as I can’t seem to do anything without a recipe book and a dollop of angst. How does she do it! And you’ll notice you have certain friends, completely untrained, who can somehow make their homes look absolutely amazing. They just instinctively know what goes with what, how to layout a room to its best potential, they dare to be different and somehow it still looks cool. This online course is my recipe book for interior design, to minimise the angst and expensive mistakes.

Enrol in Be your own Interior Designer today and discover the tools and techniques to create a home you can feel proud of, and more importantly, feels like your home and not lifted from Pinterest. Through a series of videos, narrated presentations, helpful downloads and fun assignments, you’ll discover just how easy it is to create a knock out room scheme that will have all your friends oggling and asking how you did it!


  • An online course that includes 11 informative videos, 12 useful downloads and 6 narrated slide show presentations all organised at a pace that makes each step of the process easy to follow.
  • All sessions come with lifetime access so you can complete them at your own time and speed, and revisit them whenever you need a refresh.
  • Homework! But the fun kind. Each chapter gives you an assignment so you can practice what you’ve learned along the way with the option to share with the online community.
  • Entry to my private Facebook group, only open to people who have enrolled on one of my courses. A VIP club for other interior design fanatics and a great source of support and community.


A creative, fun and empowering interior design course for anyone tackling his or her own project.

  • A clear understanding of the design process and how to use it to create successful room schemes.
  • The confidence to create authentic schemes that are right for you and your room and that makes your house feel like home.
  • An insight into how to room-scheme like an interior designer without the need for any special software.
  • The ability to create documents that communicate your design with other members in the family, enable you to brief trades and order furnishings, furniture and finishes.

The Creative Design Process is the foundation of your design journey and does not purport to be a complete interior design course. 

Social proof: testimonials

Excellent start point

Maria Istrate

I very much enjoyed the course and I believe it is an amazing starting point for someone who is curious what the interior design process is. Sophie gives the best advice and tools, and it is very easy to follow beginning to end. Thanks so much Sophie, brilliant job

Be your own designer

Sophia Fish

Thanks Sophie for putting this all together!! I’m Greatful that there was no rush.. just completed all the content and looking forward to sharing with you what I can produce from it.. very soon!! And I love that this course is all mine to keep with no expire date. You are able to just give that little nudge of confidence to embrace our creative side... in a methodical way! I really enjoyed the course xxx

Thank you

Gillian Bos

I loved this course. I am about to start the Colour course. This took me a long time to complete as we bought a house :) I am going to be using everything I learnt......already I have put different things into practice.l

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Aims of the course

    • Getting the most from your course and staying on track

    • Here's what's coming up

    • Your toolkit

    • Your creative space

  • 2

    2. Finding your inspiration

    • Welcome to finding your inspiration

    • Get inspired

    • Capturing your inspiration

    • The power of Pinterest

    • Making the most of Pinterest

    • Getting your eye in

    • Understanding images

    • Pin it to win it!

    • Remember...Inspiration is everywhere

  • 3

    3. Creating your brief

    • Welcome to creating your brief

    • The importance of a good brief

    • Write your brief

    • Pin your brief

  • 4

    4. Designing your scheme

    • Welcome to designing your scheme

    • A word on colour scheming

    • Choosing your hero colours

    • How to create a mood board

    • Create your mood board

    • Fantasy room bonus challenge

  • 5

    5. Planning the elements

    • Welcome to planning the elements for your room

    • What goes into your room- a check list

    • Creating a measured survey of your room

    • How to do a measured drawing

    • Perfect placement guide

    • Managing your budget

    • Create your product board

    • Samples and swatches

    • Create your sample board

  • 6

    The process in practice

    • The Creative Process in action

    • This is not good bye

    • Handy resources

Start your design journey today

Any time, anywhere and complete the lessons at your own pace with life access!


  • I’m a complete newbie. I’ve never even bought a tin of paint before. Will I manage it?

    Yes! I’ve designed this course to be done is small bite-sized chunks, so just take your time and enjoy it. There is nothing overtly technical to grapple with but you will be encouraged to explore your creative side!

  • I’m a serial fixer upper but I’ve got a niggling feeling I could be making life easier for myself by following your design process. Is this course for me?

    If you have plenty of experience designing rooms but you feel you’d like to reboot your process, this course offers plenty of creative insight, as well as basic technical know how. If you have any specific questions about the content or value of the course before you sign up, then please just drop me an email and I’d be happy to help you decide if this course would be useful to you, as refunds are not offered. I bet it will though because I’ve learned so much myself from just getting it all mapped out on paper!

  • I don’t own my own home yet, but I’m keen to learn more about interior design, can I till take the course??

    You can complete this course even if you don’t have a real life room to work on yet. You can create your own fantasy room and follow the step-by-step guide to practice the skills you’ll need when faced with the real thing.

  • Will this course kick start my career as an interior designer?

    This course is not designed for people looking to train to do interior design as a business. However, if you are thinking of investing huge sums of money and time in training to be an interior designer, this course could give you an insight to work out if this is the career for you. Training for the professional pathway is a lot harder and more intense, so you’ve been warned! I don’t have any affiliations or personal recommendations for interior design schools, but there are plenty of offerings to research.

  • I’m already a professional interior designer, has this course got anything to offer me?

    This course covers the very basics of what you need to do in order to design a room successfully. It’s based on my own personal process that I’ve devised over many years. It might not be wildly different to your own, but if you’re anything like me, you might be curious to find out how other designers do it, and if you could streamline or invigorate your own process in any way. If so, by all means, sign up!

  • How long do I have to complete the course and how long does it take?

    You can start the course and pause it whenever you wish. This is a self-paced exercise. I appreciate that people will be working on all kinds of different projects at different times and at a different speed. However, I strongly recommend that you complete the course in the order it’s set out, so aim to do that first and then you can revisit any of the chapters if you need to consolidate your learning.

  • Will you be available for advice and questions. What if I get stuck?

    The short answer is No. I’ve worked really hard to make this course as watertight and as comprehensive as possible, and because people will be completing the course in their own time there will not be any live Q&A sessions. The truth is you will likely have questions come up, as this course is not exhaustive in its content, and the realm of interior design expertise is huge. However, when it comes to giving you the framework to do it yourself, The Creative Design Process will empower you to answer your own questions. You will have access to my private Facebook group and join the very useful community of people who are a great resource on there. And don’t forget I give heaps of free interior design advice over on my blog and Instagram account.

  • What devise do I need to complete the course and any particular software?

    In terms of technology, all you need is a phone or camera to take pictures and a device to use Pinterest and Instagram (like your computer, tablet or smart phone). Thinkific is constantly updating in order to improve the platform so in addition to having the latest web browser, there are a few other requirements that will help ensure you experience Thinkific smoothly. Make sure your desktop/device has the the following; Javascript enabled, PDF plugin, Graphic and audio output capability, Broadband internet connection with ideally a minimum speed of 5Mbps and TLS 1.2 supported by your web browser. Thinkific currently supports the last two versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge on your desk top and iOS Safari: 11 and up, Chrome and Samsung Internet on mobile devises.

  • Me and my bestie are doing up our houses at the same time, can we share the login?

    Thank you for asking, but No! When you enroll you get access for one user. I’d be absolutely thrilled if you wanted to recommend the course to your friends and family, but they would need to pay for their own enrolment. The way I make this course so affordable for everyone is by having multiple signups, so please respect that, and while we are here I'd really appreciate that you don't publicly share or publish any of the content. That would be an infringement of copyright. However sharing what you have accomplished during the course is actively encouraged! I can't wait to see those room reveals!

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