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Set yourself up to be your own interior designer with both of my online courses

These two fantastic courses offer a solid foundation to your interior design practice, helping you make bolder design choices, taking the fear away from making mistakes and helping you enjoy the creative process.

 'Be your own interior design- the creative process' is my practical approach to decorating, taking you through an easy and creative step-by-step process on how to develop ideas for your scheme, how to organise the project and come out with a result that you can be proud of. In this course I discuss how to find your inspiration, how to build up a colour scheme that you know will work, how to do a basic room layout as well as tackling the budget. It's an easy fool proof process to follow that leaves you more time to enjoy the experience of designing your home.

'Colour Psychology for interiors' is a very different offering and focuses more on the importance of understanding how colour works in much more detail. On this unique course you will discover your own authentic sense of style and a palette of colours that really resonates with you and lift you up emotionally. I share with you how to create a harmonious scheme which doesn't just take colour into account, but texture, pattern and style and shape to. When I discovered Colour Psychology it was ground breaking in terms of how it empowered my own design process. It made conjuring up schemes both easier and faster as with this new found clarity I could  create something not only looked gorgeous, but , and this is the magic bit, feels amazing to be in too.

A fantastic way to learn online

I've been hosting my workshops in interior design for a few years and absolutely love sharing my experience in colour scheming. I've devised these online courses to harness the fun, creativity my guests enjoy on the workshops while also making sure the content is useful, practical and something you can apply in your own home. Through videos, audible slide shows, text documents and slide shows its a rich learning experience. Graduates also get access to my private facebook group, where we can continue our love of colour within this like minded community.